A Better Way To Live..

Inspired By You

Discover Breathe

Breathe is a fully-connected, community-living environment created for like-minded individuals. A real-estate initiative designed to meet your needs as well as those of the environment.

Common Needs

Feel safe with like-minded neighbours. We're going to be building Breathe in conjunction with the exact requirements that people like you have. Sharing a ride to the city to save yourself from the trouble of personally commuting will never be easier!

Inspired Living

Reduce your carbon footprint with eco-friendly housing, car and bike pooling, and solar-powered energy that meets all your household needs, and more!

A Connected Society

Secured living with smart home locks and an intelligent home security automation system. On-demand, in-house maintenance, repair and troubleshooting services throughout the year. Get the required help with just the touch of a button on your cellphone.

Breathe to..

Live peacefully

Lush, green gardens and spaces ensure that you enjoy fresh air and the sun. With electric modes for transport and a streamlined carpooling service, you can rest assured about easy access into the city.

Live smart

All our houses are fully connected and employ solar energy technology. Our services subscription model ensures that you have easy access to all robotic household services. Installation of healthcare devices and availing nursing services can be done through dedicated apps that ensures medical help is made available at the click of a button.

Develop an eco-friendly society

Sustainable living gets a new definition with our state-of-the-art green homes. Live comfortably in stylish houses that cost less to run overall, in an environment that is healthier for you.

What People Say..

  • An excellent retirement choice for my parents. The integration of relevant tech features ensures that I am always connected to my parents.
    Brett, 45
  • A great place to live green! It's close to the city and I can always car pool with my fellow students from the university, to head to the town.
    Amy, 21

Thank you for your interest! We are in the process of actually crafting this solution for users like you. If you'd like to keep in touch, please leave your name and e-mail here so we can contact you when registration starts!