Experience the adrenalin of F1!

About F1 Team

F1 Team has been created by a group of former F1 pilots. We aim at giving any fan of this amazing discipline the chance to experience in real life the adrenalin of driving in a F1 single-seater, at some of the world's most famous Grand Prix circuits such as SPA (Belgium), Montmeló (Spain) or SilverStone (UK).

Drive at your favourite circuits, in your favourite cars!

F1 Team is spread across the world to deliver the ultimate racing experience at your nearest F1 circuit location! Check our available locations in Europe, America, Asia and Middle East and race at your favourite places. You can also choose your favourite single-seater to race with, such as Fernando Alonso's Renault R26, Schumacher's F2004, and many more!

Security first, always!

As F1 pilots are experienced professionals who train every day to race at more than 300km/h, we obviously require all our participants to pass a short training program in the morning, where basic security measures are explained and then put into practice with our specialized training team. Likewise, all our F1 cars have a speed limit of 290km/h to avoid severe accidents.

Choose your experience pack!

Bronze Pack - 1.500€ for 8 laps

This pack includes a mandatory morning training session (technical, theoretical and safety), and personalized feedback from one of the F1 team's professional pilots. You will be able to pick the car you want to drive!

Silver Pack - 3.000€ for 18 laps

This intermediate pack includes all the mandatory training sessions and feedback mentioned in the Bronze pack, but you will be able to drive for up to 18 laps and choose up to 3 different cars from among available models!

Gold Pack - 5.500€ for 30 laps

The Gold pack includes all features mentioned previously, but you will also be able to drive for up to 30 laps and choose as many F1 cars as you want! Furthermore, you will receive 2 tickets to attend your favourite Grand Prix, all expenses paid for by us!